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mako chop chop.jpg
Tuna vs. Mako... The Tuna lost.
charter 1-25~0.jpg
Ahi in January!
Char and Ian.jpg
Char and Ian
Ian Mahi 4.jpg
A little bull holding a little bull
55 pound Mahi.jpg
Our second biggest Mahi of '04 55 pounds! Dang.
Big Mahi 2004~0.jpg
Our biggest Mahi Mahi of 2004 58 pounds!
Big Mahi on boat~0.jpg
The one that didn't get away!
lite tackle mahi.jpg
Junior anglers and light tackle. fun fun fun
Ian and Dad3.jpg
Ian and Dad- Photo courtesy of Crystal Marsh
Charter 29-4~0.jpg
ANOTHER NEW BOAT RECORD. Henry and Pat with 73 Mahi Mahi. That's over 1400 pounds of fish!
Dang JR that's a big fish dude!
6-12-04 006.jpg
Mavrick Mike
6-14-04 ahi.jpg
Chirs with his 200 pound Yellowfin Tuna- the second biggest of the year!
Mel and Ryan's double Ahi
Dad and Ian.jpg
Oooo that's a big one!
BW 002.jpg
Shark Bite!
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