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Gina's bull Mahi Mahi
Grizzle Stand-up b.jpg
Captain Jesse with his TLD 25, 30# rod and one fat Yellowfin Tuna.
Grizzle Stand-up a.jpg
Why is our captain up on the bow with a rod all bent over?
Sure beats Mullet fishin'!
Russ Mahi2.jpg
Another epic photo courtesy of Russ Coover
good flying fish.jpg
Flying Fish?... For the last time, YES they really do fly!
Sail Fish.jpg
The first Sailfish for the Foxy Lady!
10-20-05 004.jpg
Randal caught this one on his fly rod...NOT!
9-29-05 what a mess!.jpg
What a mess! Just how we like it.
9-29-05 Tom and Jerrold.jpg
Tom and Jerrold with a nice Big Eye Tuna
Happy Bait Tank.jpg
Bobbing for Tunas- Foxy Lady Style
8-19-05 001.jpg
Lil' Grizzle and Old Grizzle and a double hookup Peacock Bass!!
Don Don Don.jpg
A nice "little" 10 foot Tiger Shark stopping by for a bite. We don't hook 'em (it's too easy). Photo's are better. Image courtesy of Russ Coover
Russ 067.jpg
You can't do this in Minnesota.
Tiger Shark.jpg
An early morning visit from the local "tax collector". Image courtesy of Russ Coover
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