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6-3-05 Marlin Oscar.jpg
Oscar and his Blue
Dad and Ian.jpg
Oooo that's a big one!
jesse semislob.jpg
Oooo Baby!
10-30 008.jpg
Old Grizzle and Lil' Grizzle with a nice Peacock Bass
No Bananas.jpg
Now do you believe us??
No swimming...
Holy Mahi.jpg
No it's not a tumor- I'm a bad ass!
Mel and Ryan's double Ahi
May 2016 the Seeker, putting up a fight
6-12-04 006.jpg
Mavrick Mike
Mahi's Last Stand
Mahi Mahi & Tuna
8-19-05 001.jpg
Lil' Grizzle and Old Grizzle and a double hookup Peacock Bass!!
Large Blue Marlin, just prior to being released.
lite tackle mahi.jpg
Junior anglers and light tackle. fun fun fun
Is Fishing Luck Or Is Fishing Skill???
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