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Say Aaaahhh.4246 views
Gina's bull Mahi Mahi3965 views
Russ Mahi2.jpg
Another epic photo courtesy of Russ Coover3802 views
CHINGA!!3781 views
Don Don Don.jpg
A nice "little" 10 foot Tiger Shark stopping by for a bite. We don't hook 'em (it's too easy). Photo's are better. Image courtesy of Russ Coover3554 views
Happy Bait Tank.jpg
Bobbing for Tunas- Foxy Lady Style3531 views
9-29-05 what a mess!.jpg
What a mess! Just how we like it.3199 views
Sure beats Mullet fishin'!3126 views
good flying fish.jpg
Flying Fish?... For the last time, YES they really do fly!3005 views
Grizzle Stand-up b.jpg
Captain Jesse with his TLD 25, 30# rod and one fat Yellowfin Tuna.2997 views
Sail Fish.jpg
The first Sailfish for the Foxy Lady!2977 views
10-20-05 004.jpg
Randal caught this one on his fly rod...NOT!2930 views
Grizzle Stand-up a.jpg
Why is our captain up on the bow with a rod all bent over?2731 views
9-29-05 Tom and Jerrold.jpg
Tom and Jerrold with a nice Big Eye Tuna2643 views
Tiger Shark.jpg
An early morning visit from the local "tax collector". Image courtesy of Russ Coover2634 views
Holy Mahi.jpg
No it's not a tumor- I'm a bad ass!2576 views
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