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Holy Huge Spear Fish!!1175 views
mako chop chop.jpg
Tuna vs. Mako... The Tuna lost.1153 views
Big Mahi 2004~0.jpg
Our biggest Mahi Mahi of 2004 58 pounds!1151 views
jesse semislob.jpg
Oooo Baby!1144 views
8-2 012.jpg
Ian and Dad at the lake. Good times.1137 views
AHI!1134 views
Trust me I'm a Captain.1118 views
Capt. Jesse with Mahi1113 views
7-8-091096 views
Sorry no Rooster Fish in Hawaii.1095 views
charter 1-25~0.jpg
Ahi in January!1084 views
Bill & Pat Hit Big1068 views
What do we do on vacation? Fish!1057 views
Peacock Bass Fishin'! This is what we do on our day off.1046 views
lite tackle mahi.jpg
Junior anglers and light tackle. fun fun fun1030 views
55 pound Mahi.jpg
Our second biggest Mahi of '04 55 pounds! Dang.1021 views
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