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500 pound Blue Marlin at gaff1809 views
Charter 29-4~0.jpg
ANOTHER NEW BOAT RECORD. Henry and Pat with 73 Mahi Mahi. That's over 1400 pounds of fish!1684 views
Bad Barry 001.jpg
49 pounds of stink- Bad Barry!1669 views
Whale Shark, a Rare Treat1664 views
Dano Ian slob.jpg
Ian let Uncle Dano catch this one.1648 views
Very Large Kahala1632 views
Barry da 'Cuda!!1616 views
Dano Ian slob2.jpg
The lake slob!! This one was so big we had to put on a life jacket.1604 views
Mel and Ryan's double Ahi1594 views
Dad and Ian.jpg
Oooo that's a big one!1576 views
World's Largest Fish1570 views
Striped Marlin1555 views
What a catch!1518 views
BW 002.jpg
Shark Bite!1513 views
Foxy Lady 5-18-051508 views
7-22-04 002.jpg
Anglea and Trey with "The Alien Squid"!!1465 views
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