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500 pound Blue Marlin at gaff1731 views
Charter 29-4~0.jpg
ANOTHER NEW BOAT RECORD. Henry and Pat with 73 Mahi Mahi. That's over 1400 pounds of fish!1623 views
Bad Barry 001.jpg
49 pounds of stink- Bad Barry!1611 views
Dano Ian slob.jpg
Ian let Uncle Dano catch this one.1591 views
Whale Shark, a Rare Treat1586 views
Barry da 'Cuda!!1557 views
Very Large Kahala1553 views
Dano Ian slob2.jpg
The lake slob!! This one was so big we had to put on a life jacket.1544 views
Mel and Ryan's double Ahi1533 views
Dad and Ian.jpg
Oooo that's a big one!1510 views
World's Largest Fish1493 views
Striped Marlin1476 views
BW 002.jpg
Shark Bite!1453 views
Foxy Lady 5-18-051450 views
What a catch!1445 views
7-22-04 002.jpg
Anglea and Trey with "The Alien Squid"!!1409 views
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